A Tale of a Royal Tigress from the Wilderness of Ranthambore National Park

There will be a story to tell by a wanderer after encountering the raging beasts of Ranthambore National Park. The first excitement embarks upon the whispering woods that are followed by keen winds while tracing on the wheels. The jungle safari for the day comes to an end but still you are seeking to inhale the wild breath and you stay back for the next morning wheels to cut across the off ramp. The Ranthambore National Park welcomes all but only few lucky ones do get a glimpse of those beautiful beasts.

Machli Ranthambore

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Ooty- For Blissful Initiation into the Bond of Marriage!

Once, a hill station at 2,240 m in Tamil Nadu was Udhagamandalam, Ootacamund or Udhagai to the Indians and just ‘Ooty’ to the British. Now everyone knows this beautiful place by the latter name. Although this happened more due to pronunciation convenience, colonial history glimpsed in every corner of the hill city could also be a reason. However, the place has been more than just the fragmentation of past.

The Nilgiri hills, greenery of the forests, rustic hues of hinterland, versatile wildlife, parks and gardens reminiscing the English Era and chocolates make the present day Ooty. Delight floods the honeymooners with the simple acknowledgement of being in this empyreal hill destination.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know While Travelling to India

India is a large country with multitude of cultures, numerous languages and dialects, diverse geography, climate and religions. This land appears mysterious and spiritual to most people. The amalgamation of its diversities and its rich history attracts millions of people from around the world.

The element of diversity can be found in many layers of the Indian society. Here wealth exists amid abject poverty, highest level of education along with illiteracy and rationality amid irrationality or superstition. The abundance of variances within India is enough to bewilder anyone.

Traveling to India

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Famous Dussehra Celebrations in India

One Festival Different Celebrations: Witness the various colors of Dussehra this Holiday Season.

Dussehra is preceded by nine days of festivities which are marked by various activities and rituals. Dussehra (or Vijayadashmi) is a day which is celebrated to honor the triumph of Lord Ram over Ravana and triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura, the demon buffalo. Whether it is the victory of Lord Ram or Durga Maa, the festival symbolizes the ultimate victory of good over evil. Demonstrating that no matter how strong the evil becomes, the good will always win at the end.

The festival is usually celebrated during the month of September or October. Following are some of the places whose manner and enthusiasm of celebrating Dussehra is most famous worldwide:

Kullu Dussehra

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