10 Ways to Travel Cheap in India

If you are planning a family vacation with a budget restriction, then nothing can better option than traveling to India. The best thing about travelling in India is that you can spend as much as you want or as limited as you wish in India. From ages, India has been acknowledged as a cheap travel destination. Right from climbing the peaks in Ladakh to exploring a cheap town like Port Blair, there are many places to roam around in India. However, it is up to the taste and preference of an individual, which places he or she wants to add on to his or her travel list.

To help you in having a memorable family holiday without exceeding your budget, here are 10 ways to travel cheap in India

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1. Avoid Big Cities

Some of the big cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. are listed among the most expensive cities. You may find difficult to get a cheap hotel or accommodation in these big cities and even if are lucky enough to get a cheap accommodation, then remember that it will not appear as interesting as you may be expecting. So, it’s better to pay a comparatively less amount and enjoy your stay in the famous beach resorts in Kerala or Goa.

2. Stay in a Bed And Breakfast

You can save a huge amount by opting for B&B as breakfast will be included in your accommodation only. So, you can start your day with a heavy breakfast, which is available for free and escape your lunch.

3. Carry Some Eatables

You can save a lot of your money by carrying a bag of eatable with you while traveling. Things like milk powder, coffee power and packets of readymade food can be easily carried during traveling. You can purchase many such eatables in advance and use them once in India to reduce your food expense.

4. Eat In Local Restaurant

You can get surprisingly cheap food in India provided you enter a local restaurant. Eating in local restaurants can cost you on an average 10 times cheaper than eating in some foreign or Indian brand food court outlets. With variety in dishes served and all sorts of luxury facilities, such high profile restaurants could cost you much more than ever expected. So, avoid them and check out some good and healthy local restaurants.

5. Take Public Transportation  

You can use the bus and train for traveling in India as both of them are affordable and cheap means of travelling. However, they may consume more time as compare to travelling in private vehicle. Local buses and trains operate almost 24/7 in all Indian cities.

6. Sightseeing Can Be Costly

Remember that government of India charge higher entry fees for major tourist attractions from foreign tourists than they charge from residents of India. You cannot do anything about it instead of preparing yourself for this costly sightseeing pays.

7. Look for Cheapest Travel Time

Avoid travel to India during peak season. India is a country of the festivals and this is a reason by festive seasons are counted as the peak time when prices of everything is rise high. Right from food to accommodation, everything cost almost double or triple in India during major events or festivals.

8. Limit Your Credit Card Charges before Landing in India

Most of the credit card companies charge a nominal amount on international travel as their fee. If you are getting some addition points for purchase against these extra charges, then it can be considerable beneficial as you can make lots of purchases during your travel.

9. Use Internet for Direction

In order to reach your destination, you can use internet or use the navigator in your smart phones. This way, you can strategize your way to reach your destination without wasting money in taking private auto or taxi that costly and can add on to your expenses.

10. Talk More to Locals

Instead of wasting your money on hiring a professional guide, it is advisable to talk more to local people. Indians are known for their friendly and warmhearted gesture especially with tourists from other countries. Talk to them to get directions, know more about various tourist places and about Indian culture and tradition.

The above mention ways can help you in enjoying a cheap travel in India. However, giving you a fixed budget for travel in India may not be possible since the prices keep varying based on the destination you choose.

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