75 turned Jim Corbett National Park demands more protection for its inhabitants

While maturing, a boy killed 33 man-eaters and 19 of those were tigers, in the ‘young’ Jim Corbett National Park. Yes! The national park which is now one of the few known for Project Tiger’s success was once witnessed killings of wonderful mascot by a young hunter Edward James Corbett. But the hunter became conservationist, after meeting Frederick Walter Champion, forester and India’s first naturalists. Both decided this spectacular Kumaon region should be preserved as Asia’s first national park in 1936, named after Lord Malcom Hailey. But with India’s freedom, it was renamed after its nerve, Ramganga River in 1954. Jim Corbett Park got its name in 1956 after the demise of Jim Corbett in Kenya in 1955. And not to wonder about this venue for world’s most ambitious conservation program in 1973. This national park is celebrating its platinum jubilee, as it turned 75. This birthday of Jim Corbett National Park is different as the booking process goes online.

Jim Corbett National Park is animated with animals and splendid and chirping birds. This reserve’s dynamic horizons lure several tourists every year. The moist Terai and rocky, porous bhabars at ranges of the Shivalik in the southern highlights the beauty of the park. The park is dominated by Sal trees around Bijrani and the wondrous Dhikala, the lush greenery along Ramganga. Kanda’s frosty heights add big dimensions to the place. Corbett National Park is full of amusements and enthrallment, demanding each one of us contribution by making it appropriate place to bud for flora and fauna.

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