Perfect Coalition of Man and Machine with Biking Tour in Ladakh

Man and Machine has a very old and unique relation. Since the invention of machines, man has made his life much easier and convenient. But the days have changed and so do the situations. People are now enough of delicacies. Today, machines are also being used as a mode of sophistication and excitements. As let us take an example of biking, where the test of this machine surpasses through the level of satisfaction of man. The more it brings tranquility, the more perfect it is and of course this can best be understood through mountain biking. Continue reading

Guided Trekking Tour – 3 Strange Ones to Consider

Trekking can open your eyes to many beautiful and mysterious wonders that often go unappreciated by tourists. Sure, trekking in snowy mountains in the winter or walking alone on an offbeat path in the burning sun may not be everybody’s idea of a holiday, but it’s often the best way to open one’s senses to a whole new experience. If you enjoy trekking with loved ones and you’re on the lookout for a memorable challenge in the Himalayan range that will astound you from beginning to end, wait till you try these unusual guided trekking tours in India. From the breathtaking scenery to the amazing sights and sounds, each of these three trekking tours has something unique to offer:

Chadar Trek: The Chadar Trek in Ladakh offers a trekker a highly unusual experience of trekking across a frozen river called the Zanskar River which is usually inaccessible during the summer months. This expedition is best enjoyed in the winter although the ice can be relatively thin in many places eventually forcing trekkers to trek through the mountains or walk in ice-cold water. Besides the naturally frozen streams and icicles, Zanskar has a strong influence of Buddhism which is evident in the culture and customs of the people. Don’t forget to visit the monasteries of Karsha and Zangla for some spiritual enlightenment as well.

Stok Kangri Summit: This is the ideal starter expedition for a beginner who does not have much climbing experience and who wishes to see the Himalayas. Besides being one of the most beautiful climbing in Ladakh, trekkers get a first-hand opportunity to visit a number of monasteries and small ethnic villages. Leh which is the capital of Ladakh has many Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic influences which is evident in various sites such as the ancient palaces, markets and even in the culture of the local people. One can view the majestic Zanskar Mountains and get a panoramic view of Tibet as well.

Kalindikhal Trek: If you consider yourself to be a seasoned trekker, then this might just be the kind of challenge you’ve been looking for. This expedition is best conducted in between June to August and passes through the Kalindikhal Pass in the Garhwal Himalayas. Trekking over glaciers, snowfields, dealing with the risk of avalanches particularly at the Kalindi base and being cut off from civilization as we know it are just a few of the challenges that lie in wait. However, this route also gives you an unparalleled close view of the Himalaya mountain range as well.

These guided tours offer you a chance to sample local flavours in Ladakh & Garhwal besides testing your endurance levels at the same time. Trekking in remote picturesque places still remains the best way to recharge your mind and body away from the humdrum of everyday life.

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Leh Ladakh Adventure Holiday Guide

Ladakh in India is one of the most popular travel destinations for foreign tourists who are on the lookout for adventure holidays. Leh is the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Ladakh.

Activities On Leh Ladakh Tour

The tour to Leh Ladakh is a true exciting one and extremely adventurous. It is a lovable tour especially by adventure lovers. You may find following exciting activities to enjoy on your adventure holiday to Leh Ladakh:

Mountain Climbing: Nun-Kun Massif in the Great Himalayan Range is highly popular among foreign mountain climbers. In fact, it is so much in demand that you’ll need to book few years in advance. You can easily access this massif from the Kargil-Padum road. It has six known peaks, among which Kun and Nun are the highest summits.

River Rafting: June to October is the best time to go for river rafting in River Zanskar, River Indus and its tributaries in Ladakh. The landscape you’ll come across while river rafting is just awesome. You’ll see snow-clad peaks as well as deep canyons. The hillside villages, hilltop monasteries, and flora and fauna of the region will leave a lasting impression on your mind.

Cycling: If you love cycling in the mountains, then Ladakh would be the best choice. Here you can experience cycling on the highest mountain range in the world. Cycling routes in Ladakh are studded with Buddhist Gompas (monasteries) and villages en route. You can enjoy local cuisine on the way such as noodles, momos, and pulses.

Trekking: If trekkers wished for a paradise, then Ladakh would be the place. In Ladakh, you can enjoy day-long treks to month-long ones. Some treks involve adventure sports activities while some involve getting acquainted with the local culture. On a trek along River Indus, you’ll come across a number of monasteries where you can know more about the culture of Ladakh.

Wildlife: Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir has a very harsh climate and rugged landscape. You’ll not find trees in this region as it is a cold desert. Very few wild animals can survive in Ladakh. The most common wild animals that you can witness here are yak, urial, nyan, and bharal.

Yak Safari: Yak or dong is a wild ox widely available in Ladakh. Wild yaks are quite aggressive compared to their domesticated counterparts. On a yak safari, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the region by travelling on a yak. You’ll have to book in advance for a yak safari.

With so many exciting activities, Leh Ladakh tour definitely seems impressive.