Celebrate Christmas & New Year Holidays at One of the Best Indian Beaches

Just few days are left for the glorious event and people are busy in making their Christmas more wonderful and memorable. So you are also one of them who are validating for some good kind of blast on Christmas Eve. India is waiting for a grand welcome at its amazing sea shores for a real thrilling experience. You can surely visit South India to catch the scintillating beaches at its different corners. Here are the glimpses of some that will take you to the new kind of Christmas celebration this year: Continue reading

Top Ten Thundering Beaches of India

India incredibly has the most diverse varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. Placid backwaters and lagoons, bays and rough lava-rocked seas, marine estuaries with fish, crashing surf, powdery golden sand or palm fringed shores- Indian beaches and backwaters have everything.

The Indian coastal is jeweled with sea food cuisine, relaxing spas, diving and other water sports and have great places to stay for a balmy holiday. The southern India is full of all those titillating attractions. The backwaters are the tranquility of God’s own country – Kerala, along with bathing under lush waterfalls and the opportunity to relax to astonishing views. One can easily have the fun of boat trips to beautiful resorts and breathing in clean pure air while munching on tiger prawns and sipping coconut water; and thus enjoying the beaches and backwaters in South India is truly a poetic experience.

Here are the glimpses of India’s top ten beaches that emulsify you moods in a swinging experience while making a trip to South India:

Puri Beach

One of the holiest places in the city of Puri, Orissa; Puri beach is known for being a tourist attraction and a Hindu sacred place. This beach is the famous site for annual Puri beach festival and for the honeymooners to spend great romantic and alienated moments.

Vengurla Beach

This famous beach located in Malvan, Maharashtra has long stretch of shimmering sand, thick cashew, coconut and jackfruit and mango groves. This beach is also famous for Vengurla Rocks that is also known as Burnt Islands.

Kovalam Beach

“Kovalam” means a glove of coconut trees and so true is the name of the village situated at the most enthroned state, Kerala. Kovalam is a beach town on the Arabian Sea in Kerala located 13 km from Trivandrum, the capital state of Kerala. Kovalam has three important beaches separated by rocky outcroppings namely Lighthouse beach, hawah beach and Samudra beach.

Marari Beach

An outstanding beach in Alappuzha district in Kerala, Marari beach offers endless miles of superb sand backed by swaying palms, virgin territory with local charm. It is the best location to spend great enjoyable moments for the vacationers.

Marina Beach

Located in Chennai, Marina beach is one of the longest beaches in Asia and is a major crowd dragger for the same reason. The main attraction of Marina beach is the golden sand, amazing surfing and kayaking moments into the shimmering clear blue sea water.

Kanyakumari Beach

Kanyakumari is best known for India’s land end and Kanyakumari beach is a unique beach site which is confluence by three amazing seas called Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The most captivating part of Kanyakumari Beach is the stunning sunrise and sunset. Apart from that visitors are magnetized here to catch the glimpses of the unique Vivekananda rock and Mahatma Gandhi memorial. A children’s park near the beach also catches attention of many vacationers.

Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram is the primitive port city located at South of Chennai where this famous beach is located. The beach has many attractions including stone carvings; caves rock cut temples and many more.

Rameshwaram Beach

Rameshwaram is one of the popular pilgrimage centers of South India. It is a serene beach that has shallow waters and is the ideal site for sunbathing and underwater activities like swimming, kayaking, rafting and many more.

Varkala Beach

Varkala beach is one of the popular beaches in Kerala that has the main focus of mineral water springs with medicinal properties. This beach is also the famous pilgrimage centre for the Hindus.

Plage Oaradise aka Paradise Beach

This beach is famed for a stretch of tropical paradise in Pondicherry. One can have relishing experience at this site of the great outdoors, short but pleasant cruise into the sea. The paradise beach offers memorable sight of playful dolphins in natural habitat, horsing around you.

Popular Beaches of India which You must Visit while in India

India is a land that brings to mind words like spirituality, culture and mystery but if all you really want to do on a beach holiday is to let your hair down and have a blast, then what you need is an all India Beach Tour. We’ve listed the 4 must-visit hot beach holiday spots that are a huge hit with tourists 365 days of the year. So if sun, sand and surf are what relax you the best, look no further than Beach Tours India:

a) Calagute Beach: Goa is undoubtedly one of the hippest places in India where every day is a non-stop party. The lovely Calangute Beach is rightly called the ‘Queen of Beaches’ because of its pristine sands, palm trees and natural beauty. Just be prepared for large crowds of tourists and of course, merchants who sell everything from ethnic bags or jholas to trinkets and ornaments made from sea-shells. Wrap up your beach holiday here with some mouthwatering seafood dishes freshly whipped up at any of the small shacks.

b) Candolim Beach: This beach is one of the highlights of the India Beach Tour primarily because of the Aguada Fort situated nearby and also because tourists get to indulge in water sports like parasailing and water skiing. Candolim Beach which is located in North Goa is relatively peaceful in comparison to other beaches, making it a favorite with honeymooners and nature lovers alike. Whether you enjoy a spot of yoga on the sands or some fishing, you are certain to enjoy your beach holiday here.

c) Kovalam Beach: Beach Tours India invites you to relax at one of the best known beach holiday sites in India- Kovalam Beach in Kerala. Three curved beaches covered with swaying coconut trees, soft sand, shacks serving spicy ethnic cuisine as well as hawkers selling Kashmiri and traditional wares form the main highlights of this beach site. Witness a breathtaking sunset and don’t forget to visit the famous Light house which was built during the British Raj.

d) Puri Beach: The India Beach Tour would be incomplete without a trip to Puri Beach in Orissa. The Annual Beach Festival which takes place in November is a big hit with locals and tourists while the beach itself attracts many devotees who come to pay homage to Lord Jagannath. Besides indulging in some sunbathing and swimming, your beach holiday would be incomplete without spending some time admiring the beautiful sand sculptures which draw inspiration from mythological characters and other intricate designs.

Eager to pack your bags and enjoy your very own Indian beach holiday? Click here to enquire about Beach Tours India.

Enjoy Your Vacations in Goa

If you have plans to visit India or are planning a fun holiday within India, opt for Goa tour. This is the place where you can witness the blend of traditional and modern India with great pomp and show. Immaculate Goa beaches are the places which every tourist would love to encounter. So if you want to make your trip to India full of fun, book a package tour to this “Beach Capital of India” now.

Dazzling attractiveness of the sightseeing spots, cascading waterfalls, charming wildlife parks and sanctuaries have gifted a prominent place to Goa on the world tourism map.

Magnificence and allure of the enticing Goa beaches are iconic attractions, which draw attention of millions of tourists from across the globe. As far as Goa beach tour is concerned, there are immaculate beaches that one must visit on his trip.

You can explore and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Goa beaches like Dona Paula Beach, Varca Beach, Palolem Beach and Vagator Beach. All beaches in Goa are ideal places for all vacationers to thoroughly enjoy and forget their stressful routine life. Further, you can enjoy swimming in the fresh waters of the sea or venture into adventurous water sports on your charismatic Goa beach tour.

As you advance towards extreme north or south of the state, the beaches get secluded. However, if you love crowds of people completely enjoying themselves, prefer visiting popular beaches, which are lined with shacks that provide fresh sea food and drinks.

Apart from beaches, you can give a bit of zing your Goa tour with a stroll around spice plantation, centuries-old cathedrals and fresh waterfalls.

Yet another important stream of destinations in Goa is its amazing churches. Your tour is in fact incomplete without a visit to the captivating and spectacular churches of the land. These wonderful churches date back to the Portuguese era and are visited by people across the world to see the incredible architecture.

The influence of 500-year long colonial rule of Portuguese in Goa can still be felt everywhere in the beautiful

but bit crumbled architecture. The best time to visit Goa is between November and March, when both weather and sea are calm and clear.

If you really want to pay a close visit to this state, prefer to hire a motorcycle or scooter.The chances are pretty less that you will visit Goa just once. The clear blue sea and soft silver sand beneath your feet will lure you to visit this marvelous destination again and again. Book an online Goa beach tour package today and experience the fun yourself.

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Top 5 Most Popular Beaches in India

If beach parties are what you crave for, then you can look forward to India beach tours on the west coast of the country. From Kerala to Goa, India is studded with beautiful sand beaches that are incredibly scenic and fun to be at. You can enjoy beach parties as well as solitude at these famous beaches in India.

Most Popular Five Beaches In India

Kovalam Beach: Kovalam is a famous beach town in Kerala situated on the Arabian Sea. Literally, Kovalam refers to coconut groves, which you can see aplenty in the area. Towards the end of the 1920s, Halcyon Castle was built here as a beach resort of the Regent Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore. In the last few decades, Kovalam became one of the most popular beaches in India. Hawah beach, Lighthouse beach, and Samudra beach together form the crescent of Kovalam beach.

Baga Beach: Baga Beach is located in Goa, on the Arabian Sea and is named after Baga Creek. You can find this creek at the north end of the beach where it empties into the sea. Baga is an extension of Calangute Village where you can find the famous Calangute Beach. You’ll find fishing boats and rows of shacks at the beautiful Baga Beach. During high tide the beach loses its breadth.

Calangute Beach: Calangute is situated in the northern part of Goa. The town was originally named Kolongutt, which later distorted into Calangute after the Portuguese captured the area. Bruno Coutinho, a well known captain of the Indian football team lives here. Other than the regular activities at the beach, you can enjoy parasailing at Calangute beach.

Anjuna Beach: Anjuna beach is located in Goa, to the north of Calangute beach and Baga beach. Often trance parties are organised during the tourist season on the beach. At the flea market at Anjuna beach, you can purchase jewellery, fruits, clothes, and electronic items. You can enjoy a great view of the sea from the Chapora Fort near Anjuna Beach.

Aguada Beach: Located in the northern part of Goa, Aguada beach is a well-preserved sand beach. It is one of the most popular among India beach tours. You can visit historic monuments, citadels, and churches in Aguada. Enjoy local seafood dishes at the eating joints on the beach and buy Goa fenny (feni) at the kiosk pubs at Aguada beach.

So, if the culture and beauty of the India beaches are beckoning you, then pack your swimsuit and book an India beach tour today.

You can find more information about beaches in India here- http://www.indianbeachresorts.com/