Incredible India Holidays- Explore Legend, Heritage & Wildlife at its Impressive Destinations

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“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high, where knowledge is free… Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake…” Rabindra Nath Tagore.
India embraces all the magnificent features in its lap to escalate tourism all over the world. Ancient, yet so beautiful and democratic this land to visualize every pinch of eloquent beauty that impresses every local and international holiday makers to find some gallant space at its widespread locales.

A visit to India is purely astonishing that takes anyone to the most renowned destinations to get accomplished the heritage, cultural, wildlife and religious facets. Being a proud Indian, it’s really an incredible feeling to be the part of this articulated country. Continue reading

Run for the Great Runn of Kutch to celebrate the Rann Mahotsav

Rann Utsav Kutch GujaratOne of the most remarkable place in Gujarat, the Great Runn of Kutch (where there is little Runn of Kutch as well) is the largest salt desert in the whole world by stretching itself across 16,000 square kilometers. This salty desert mesmerizes everyone with an amazement that it remains underwater during the monsoons but for the remaining eight months of the year, it is the vast stretch of the packed white salty desert of Gujarat. Continue reading

Top Five Hindu Spiritual Destinations in India

A spiritual and religious tour to India brings a mesmerizing opportunity to meet the real soul
of India. When we talk about spirituality and religions, India comes first in our mind and so the pilgrims not only in India but across the nation pay a heartiest tribute to its major spiritual destinations. To understand the India spirituality it is essential to understand the basic tenets of Hinduism which are engraved deep into its different temples and destinations.

So don’t miss the exciting collection of India’s top Hindu religious destinations in your India Spiritual tour list. Here is the tableau of India’s top five Hindu religious destinations to bring salvation for all with complete rejuvenation of mind:

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Top Five Scintillating Ayurvedic Destinations in India

Ayurveda, the century old tradition of natural healing and treatment of human body has compelled many people including the international one for a non-medical way of treatment. India being the leading nation to initiate and continue this tradition has many spectacular destinations at its different parts to ensure long lasting effects on the body.

With a definition of complete physical and mental way of treatment here are the best Ayurveda destinations in India that are generously termed as the rejuvenation centers and Ayurvedic resorts in India. Let us have a look on some of the best petals of this natural herb which we can locally call as “Sanjeevani”. Continue reading

Promoting Spiritual Circuits in India- An Initiative by the Ministry of Tourism

India is a land of spiritual beliefs and devotional attitudes towards life. Since ages many legendary impressions have motivated people, not only the locals but the foreign visitors too. It is a land of charismatic past, vibrant present and a promising future; a one stop destination for all those who come here to experience its judicious mix of culture, heritage, spirituality and natural charms.

The holistic approach and the incredibility of the nation have encouraged the trend in international and domestic tourism. Being a huge brand in Global Tourism Industry, Continue reading