Top 5 Things You Need to Know While Travelling to India

India is a large country with multitude of cultures, numerous languages and dialects, diverse geography, climate and religions. This land appears mysterious and spiritual to most people. The amalgamation of its diversities and its rich history attracts millions of people from around the world.

The element of diversity can be found in many layers of the Indian society. Here wealth exists amid abject poverty, highest level of education along with illiteracy and rationality amid irrationality or superstition. The abundance of variances within India is enough to bewilder anyone.

Traveling to India

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Most Popular Destinations for Celebrating Valentine Day

Behind every legends and murky truths, the importance of Valentine’s Day is still gleaming all around the corners of the world. Sharing your love-emotions and deepest feelings for your loved ones; exchanging gifts and greetings and a romantic out with your beloved; nothing more than this can explain the real charm of the Valentine’s Day. Continue reading

Survey Reveals- Jaipur, the No. 1 Holiday Destination to Celebrate New Year

New Year is making an exciting move to all the lovely persons who want to welcome this New Year with warm feelings and pleasant surprises; and if that includes an exciting trip to India, the joy of celebrating New Year just gets doubled.

This year, the reasons for celebrating this Eve can be more impressive with increasing amount of rush at two major Indian destinations namely The Pink City-Jaipur and Agra- the city of Taj Mahal. These two destinations have gained tremendous popularity since many years but this year both the cities are getting a move on at greater extent, a survey released by Assocham’s Social Development Foundation. Continue reading

Top 10 Splendid Destinations in India for Amazing Holiday Tour

The magic of India can only be felt when once you visit this incredible country so closely. A trip to India offers a refined encounter of the legends, history, forts & amazing monuments, splendid natural beauty, unlimited & vast beaches, food, economy, travel and most importantly its friendly people.

So, plan your holidays in this amazing country where every city, state and destinations has some kinds of uniqueness. We have presented some good glimpses of India’s top ten destinations for you to make an excellent choice of India tour. Have a look and design a program for the most incredible journey towards the incredible land. Continue reading

The Days in Kerala- The Enchantress is Waiting to Get Hold of You

The world is a better place
With all the colors
Make the time last
A little more
I have just now
Started to Explore!

All the colors of the spectrum can be found in one ray of tourism. Don’t you feel the overwhelming pressure to make a rush for everything in one go for the time you are in Kerala. The art forms that are reflected by the dances like Theyyam, Thullal, Kathakali and likes are the best representations of what nature has to say to its people. To spend holidays in Kerala, you want the wheel of time should just stop to where it is.

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