A Tale of a Royal Tigress from the Wilderness of Ranthambore National Park

There will be a story to tell by a wanderer after encountering the raging beasts of Ranthambore National Park. The first excitement embarks upon the whispering woods that are followed by keen winds while tracing on the wheels. The jungle safari for the day comes to an end but still you are seeking to inhale the wild breath and you stay back for the next morning wheels to cut across the off ramp. The Ranthambore National Park welcomes all but only few lucky ones do get a glimpse of those beautiful beasts.

Machli Ranthambore

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Male Tigers Now Playing the Mother’s Role in Ranthambore

Do you find a complete family in human beings only? A father, a mother, with their kids; this is what we call a perfect family; right? Now you can study this affectionate scene in animals too specifically in tiger species. Yes, now the tiger’s roar can be found more affectionate especially when you are around the vicinity of Ranthambore National Park.

The tigers are now playing the role of a father to their cubs and are helping the tigress in bringing up the cubs. It’s a known fact that tigers are generally kept away from their cubs by the tigress but surprisingly, T-25 has been reported as the first tiger to play the affectionate role of a father. Consequently, this rare behavior is being witnessed by the officials of the reserve and have recorded at least six more male tigers at the park playing dad’s responsibility in the serene vicinity of Ranthambore. Continue reading

Ranthambore Welcomes Two New Tiger Cubs

Ranthambore National Park is taking the pride to the pleasurable baby shower. While the birth of two new tiger cubs has added the count to the species, it has also witnessed the number of cubs taking birth in Ranthambore is 20 in the last 10 months.

With this amazing news the total number of tigers in southeast Rajasthan has now increased up to 46-26 adults out of whom 12 are male and 14 are female and the two newly born cubs have brought the total number of counts in the park as 20. But the matter of worry is that, out of this count two cubs are being missing for a while, delivered by the tigress T13.

These two cubs were delivered by tigress T9 in zone 5, which is close to Padra village. For the convenience of the local habitants of Ranthambore, of course the royal tigers; the villagers have been asked to shift out of the place.

The conservation biologist of Tiger Watch, NGO, in Ranthambore, Mr. Dharmendra Khandal found success in rehabilitating the villagers from the core tiger habitat. He believes in the security of the natural habitat in a broader sense so that the big cats will survive independently and find ample of space for their natural living.

Further, for more safety and precaution, another village, Kathauli is also being shifted out of the park soon. The forest and wildlife conservationist believe that for more protection and safety the development and spreading of the area is necessary so that we can develop more natural habitat for the wild lives especially the tigers.

Ranthambore National Park – Heaven on the earth for Wildlife Lovers

Ranthambore National Park which opened in 1950 located in South-East Rajasthan is one of the best maintained parks in North India besides also being the biggest. Although it was once a favoured hunting ground of the Rajputs and is spread over a vast area of over 400 sq kms, it is easy to see why Ranthambore is such a hit with both Indian and foreign tourists.

Ranthambore National Park which is situated at the meeting point of the Vindhya Plateau and the Aravalli Hills features rocky plains and steep cliffs in plenty. In fact, on one such hill lies the 10th century Ranthambore Fort which was once a much coveted prize by many rulers. The forests which surround the fort are filled with deciduous trees and there are many lakes such as the Padam Talab and the Raj Bagh Talab that are a favourite resting spot for tigers. So on one hand, tourists get to admire the abundance of flora & fauna in a natural setting whereas on the other, the haunting remains of many military structures which are synonymous with the Rajputs can also be seen.

Flora & Fauna

Tourists will be amazed at the way so many animals and birds live in harmony together. Other than the majestic tiger, leopards, fishing cats, jungle cats, sloth bears, Indian flying foxes, porcupines, desert monitor lizards, two species of antlers as well as crocodiles and reptiles can all be seen. Bird lovers are certain to have a wonderful time because the park is home to more than 300 species of birds such as the Sarus Crane, Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Great horned Owl and the Nightjar. The forests are filled with dry deciduous trees and other well-known flora found here include the abundant dhok, peepal trees, the karaya gum tree, ber trees, khajur and jamoon trees. The park is home to the second largest banyan tree found in India and has plenty of shrubs too.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve was among the first nine declared tiger reserves in 1973 Ranthambore Tiger Reservewhich were part of ‘Project Tiger’. Although this was one of the smallest reserves that was chosen to help save the lives of tigers, the Sawai Man Singh sanctuary and the Keladevi Sanctuary were also added to the park’s area. Tigers can be spotted here throughout the day and the best time for a sighting is at dawn. Avid photographers will enjoy taking close-up shots of the tigers at such a close range.
Don’t forget to sign up for a jeep or elephant safari ride. Book your tickets between October to April as that is usually the best time for tiger sightings. There are many resorts and camps located near the park with great facilities for tourists.

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5 Charming Ranthambore Hotels for All Budgets

The Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is the ideal place to go to see wildlife in all its glory. It is one of the few reserves where one can see the Tiger out in the wild. A safari through the deciduous forests in these regions can allow you to see even more animals like leopards, hyenas and various reptiles.

Moreover, since it is located bang in the middle of the Vindhya and Aravali mountain ranges, the entire location is most picturesque and exciting. This makes it an ideal place to visit for a vacation in which one desires to be wild and adventurous. There are numerous hotels in Ranthambore where you can put up for the duration of your holiday.

Best Hotels at Ranthambore

One should always pick one of those Ranthambore hotels that facilitate your expeditions in the national park. The mid range hotels are the best as they offer all the basic creature comforts and also organize safaris, nature walks for you so that you do not have to run around trying to find an independent operator.

The Tiger Moon Resort is one such resort that offers a great blend of adventure and comfort. The organize bonfires and barbeques in the open, plus have a brilliant landscaped area with well kitted out independent cottage rooms that give one a feeling of living out in the wild!

The Tiger Den Resort is another one of such Ranthambore hotels that organize all your excursions, be it to the national park or the old fort. They also have a host of entertainment and leisure facilities for those who like to unwind after an exciting day in the reserve.

The Raj Palace Resort is another place that makes for an excellent stay. They have good comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities and requirements along with numerous facilities to add to your comfort. Set in a pleasing location, it is good place to stay at while experiencing Ranthambore.

The Vatika Resort is another one of the good hotels in Ranthambore. They provide you with a comfortable, accommodation and excellent food. They also look after all your local sightseeing trips and arrange numerous entertainments within the hotel also.

All these above hotels are very affordable and can provide accommodation across a range of budgets. However, with these hotels, one would not likely have to fork out more for sightseeing and food arrangements within the national park as they take care of all that within a complete package.

If one wants one can also find 5 star deluxe hotels like the Oberoi Vanyavilas, but this would incur quite a cost, though one would be living in the lap of luxury.