Top 5 Things You Need to Know While Travelling to India

India is a large country with multitude of cultures, numerous languages and dialects, diverse geography, climate and religions. This land appears mysterious and spiritual to most people. The amalgamation of its diversities and its rich history attracts millions of people from around the world.

The element of diversity can be found in many layers of the Indian society. Here wealth exists amid abject poverty, highest level of education along with illiteracy and rationality amid irrationality or superstition. The abundance of variances within India is enough to bewilder anyone.

Traveling to India

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Take a Break from Your Hectic Life: Go Natural

Before thinking of travelling to a faraway place one should always think about the purpose for which one wants to travel. One of the most important aims of going for a brief vacation should be to break off from the routine life; the routine life at home and work. Whatever comforts and luxuries one gets used to, should be left behind if one is looking for a refreshing break from the monotony of a fast paced urban life.

If one is looking for a peaceful and luxurious stay out of home then a hotel in one’s own city is quite a good idea to relax and enjoy the clean and comfortable environment. But if your idea of a vacation is to get a respite from your humdrum and materialistic life then the whole world is your oyster.

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10 Ways to Travel Cheap in India

If you are planning a family vacation with a budget restriction, then nothing can better option than traveling to India. The best thing about travelling in India is that you can spend as much as you want or as limited as you wish in India. From ages, India has been acknowledged as a cheap travel destination. Right from climbing the peaks in Ladakh to exploring a cheap town like Port Blair, there are many places to roam around in India. However, it is up to the taste and preference of an individual, which places he or she wants to add on to his or her travel list.

To help you in having a memorable family holiday without exceeding your budget, here are 10 ways to travel cheap in India

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Best 5 Luxurious Restaurants in Mumbai

Trimming your holidays for a glorious visit to Mumbai? The reasons are obvious. The cluster of seven islands, Mumbai is best known for its mesmerized vast beaches, financial capital, the film city land and the most interesting for its spellbound cuisines & eateries. With tremendous fascinations adorned in this metro city one would never stop himself to pay a heartiest visit to Mumbai. Besides all these enigmatic features, Mumbai’s savoring delicacies stands first in everyone’s mind (better to say mouth).

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Tips to Follow While Travelling in India During Monsoons

Cool, wet climate and lush locales, this is what monsoons bring with itself. Nowadays monsoons are rolling down the country to beat the heat. Although the fun of dancing in the rain can add much excitement during vacations but you can also face some good amount of difficulty while traveling around the different parts of India. To stay comfortable and to enjoy the rainy season completely you can explore some of the suggested monsoon packing list while touring across this incredible land. Continue reading