Explore the Mystery of Historical India with the Golden Triangle Tour

A Golden Triangle holiday is an excellent way to experience the majesty of North India’s rich culture and heritage. The cities of North India have so much to offer when it comes architecture and traditions of its past. It has an immensely colorful history the elements of which one can witness to date in the shape of monuments, cuisine, fairs, festivals and so much more.

The India Golden Triangle tour visits three of the most historical cities of North India namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It allows one to experience, enjoy and cherish the best that these 3 cities have to offer. They are by far the most popular of all tourist destinations in India and this tour takes you to all three of them.

The Cities of the Golden Triangle

The first city on the itinerary of the Golden Triangle holiday is New Delhi – the capital of India. A hustling bustling city, it is divided into two parts by time – Old Delhi & New Delhi. The old part of the city is the erstwhile capital of the Mughals whereas the new part was created by relatively recently by the British.
This city which has been a capital for seven various dynasties for the better part of a millennia has a history so diverse that one can see it every locale of the city. Apart from a sense of history, the capital also provides everything for the modern needs and is a shopping paradise. It is a city that one would willingly agree to get lost in.

The highlight of the India Golden Triangle tour would have to be Agra. A few hours journey from the capital brings you to this city that houses the most exquisite of the world’s seven wonders. A trip to India is incomplete without seeing and spending time at the Taj Mahal, history’s greatest monument of love. Apart from the Taj Mahal, there are numerous other points of interest in Agra.

The tour culminates in the Pink City in the state of Rajasthan i.e. Jaipur. Numerous forts with magnificent ramparts display the martial glory of the Rajputs and their kingdoms in this city. All of this situated in dry, desert geography lends a mystical aura of having travelled back in time. Jaipur is a splendid place and has much else to offer.

Tour Packages

India Golden Triangle packages can easily be booked online. One can take this tour at anytime of the year, though summer months become very hot. There are numerous packages available depending on the amount of time or days you want to spend touring the cities.

India Golden Triangle packages can also include other cities. This tour can allow you to experience in a nutshell the great cultural diversity of this country and enjoy the numerous treats for the senses that it has to offer.

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