Indian wildlife tourism coming one step ahead for wildlife conservation

India is a unique country to hold the rare and vivid ranges of floras and faunas. The tropical atmosphere of this amazing land makes it a great animal kingdom for amazing wildlife excursions. The wildlife department of India upon realizing its importance, established many wildlife reserves across the country. These reserves have been established so as to protect and preserve the extinguishing species in the country and also to serve as a great touring spot for the animal lovers.

The Jim Corbett National Park and the Ranthambore National Park are among them that bring great environment and natural habitat for the wild species. The Indian wildlife tourism department is taking great care for the maintenance of these reserves and taking various steps to create awareness among the individuals.

To carry forward the objective of environmental conservation and preservation of wild species, many initiatives have been taken place but still we are unable to control the mishaps being faced by the extinguishing species especially to control the count of the tiger species which have descended to less than 1500 in our country.

It has been observed since ages that hunting and poaching had been the matter of pride for the royal Maharajas but since the rate of the species are declining this practice was being banned many years ago. But still this unfair activity is taking place in many places and to overcome this issue to a serious extent the western Indian state (Maharastra) has declared a war on animal poaching. The state government has allowed the forest guards to shoot hunters on sight in an effort to curb rampant attacks on tigers and other wildlife.

The government of Maharashtra has declared that injuring or killing the suspected poachers will no longer be considered as a crime. To continue this effort, the state will send more rangers and jeeps at the related forests and will offer secret payments to the informers who will provide tips about poachers and animal smugglers. This effort is really going to cause a great agitation in terms of brutality against the wildlife and so no news of the killing of the tiger poachers has been witnessed yet. Although some cases of illegal loggers and fishermen being shot have led to charges against the forest guards.

The reason being, these poachers have lost all fear and they go for poaching whenever and wherever they want since they know the risks are low. But after the implementation of this severe threat it is being expected that the rate of poaching will decline and have witnessed the same too. In most of the animal reserves the guards are being armed with little more than sticks only and so this becomes the more helping hand for the poachers.

India is now facing intense international scrutiny over its tiger conservation since it holds half of the estimated 3,200 tigers in many of its wildlife reserves since 1970s. Illegal poaching is still a stubborn threat and it has been observed that 14 tigers have been killed by the poachers so far this year. Dozens of other animals are also targeted by hunters across India, including one-horned rhinos and male elephants prized for their tusks, and other big cats like leopards hunted or poisoned by villagers afraid of attacks on their homes or livestock.

It is still not clear whether Maharashtra’s example in targeting poachers will be followed by the other state or not. Though tiger poaching has been a major problem in other state also, including Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh in recent years, this initiative will surely work in terms of tiger conservation. Wildlife tourism is still waiting for some more changes in this respect and expecting people to create awareness regarding it.


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