Kerala Beach Tour – Take a view of Green Paradise

Kerala has a long coastline. Therefore, it is bestowed with best Kerala beaches which find interest among tourists from across the world. The 550-kilometer long coastline of the state is a hub of magnificent beaches, which hold artistic attention of one and all. The beaches are rich in diverse variety of flora and fauna. The long coconut and palm trees waving with the wind are one of the most wonderful sites in the area. Besides trees, the cool breeze makes the environment worth for visitors coming to the place.

Famous Attributes Of Kerala Beaches

1. The primary wonderful feature of beaches in Kerala include the shiny white sands, which offer a soothing touch and are the best natural beds for relaxing in the wide open. The white sands consist of sugar like cubes, which sparkle in the light thereby offering a scintillating view of the sandy beaches.

2. The vast expanse of the sea and greeting waves on the coastline are worthy enough to attract the attention of every beach enthusiast. In the north coastline of Kerala, the headline rises significantly above the sea level. These high lands have many forts and colonial era buildings, which are the main centers of attraction for all tourists. They have wonderful architecture and magnificent sculptures, which are absolutely unique in appearance and offer an insight into the exquisite lifestyle of the time.

3. The nightlife in and around the beaches is really vibrant; people get into their dancing shoes and let themselves move to the tunes and melodies of the rocking music.

4. Recreational activities like beach volleyball, swimming, boating, cruising, sunbathing, etc., form an integral part of the wonderful beach culture which finds interest in common.

5. During the dusk and dawn, magnificent scattering of the sunlight creates a panoramic view which seems absolutely amazing. During day time, the cool atmosphere and water splashing with the cliffs showers the adjacent areas with sparkling droplets. Further, the movements of the clouds in the sky create a unique sight for the tour enthusiasts.

Besides these, hotels and resorts around the beaches offer a wonderful and luxurious stay in the natural environments. The beach resorts in Kerala are mainly built to offer an exclusive beach side residence to their guests. They incorporate the best furnishings and offer the most delicious sea food in addition to wide varieties of cuisines and drinks available. Attached private balconies are designed to offer direct view of the vast expanse of the sea and horizon.
Therefore, Kerala tour packages definitely offer a paradise for tourists who desire the most adventurous beach extravaganzas.

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