Ooty- For Blissful Initiation into the Bond of Marriage!

Once, a hill station at 2,240 m in Tamil Nadu was Udhagamandalam, Ootacamund or Udhagai to the Indians and just ‘Ooty’ to the British. Now everyone knows this beautiful place by the latter name. Although this happened more due to pronunciation convenience, colonial history glimpsed in every corner of the hill city could also be a reason. However, the place has been more than just the fragmentation of past.

The Nilgiri hills, greenery of the forests, rustic hues of hinterland, versatile wildlife, parks and gardens reminiscing the English Era and chocolates make the present day Ooty. Delight floods the honeymooners with the simple acknowledgement of being in this empyreal hill destination.

Ooty- A land strewn with history 

Riding in Neelgiri Railways on the serpentine tracks is among the first attractions, with which the journey to Ooty begins. The soul gets its tonic of rejuvenation through the eyes while traveling to one of the best honeymoon destinations in South India. The history of the place is entwined with the Neelgiri Mountain Railways, now a UNESCO world heritage. British engineered it, facilitating travel to escape summers of tropical India. Though, Mettupalayam to Ooty was connected via road which was in itself a stupendous task, British started on rail route in 1880 for the sake of swiftness, completing in 1899.

The Nilgiris were resided by tribal Todas, hence the area was known as Todamala then. Ooty as a part of Nilgiris was later ruled by Vijaynagar Kingdom, followed by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan from 1760 to 1799 before ceding to British. English took the task of connecting Ooty to the mainstream India due to the availability of resources at their end. They loved the place because it reminded them of their home. Their link with the place can still be seen in architecture of old buildings, like present day Raj Bhawan, Fern Hill Palace, etc.

When India gained its freedom, Jawaharlal Nehru visited Ooty and referred it as ‘Queen of hill stations’. The popularity of the place has grown ever since to lure tourists as well as couples, enamoring them with its beauty.

Ooty- A Language that needs no word

Couples on honeymoon holidays coming from different corners of India and abroad find Nature welcoming them with open arms. Languages never are a constraint here, because wish to explore Ooty speaks for itself in bare minimum words. Going up to the viewing points like 6th Mile, 9th Mile, Dolphin Nose and Glenmorgan rewards tourists and visitors with sceneries unique to the southern hill stations. No amount of literature can tell what a glance the area receives.

The place and the smaller surrounding villages are held special for beautiful lakes, their water glistening in sun light. Ooty Lake, Pykara Lake, Emerald Lake, Kamraj Sagar Lake and Mukerti Lake seem like sequins sewed in this landscape by Nature. The hills like Tiger, Cairn, Doddabetta and McIvor’s Bund give spectacular vistas. Falls and cascades like St Catherine, Kalhatti and Law’s take responsibility on themselves to enhance the charm of Ooty.

Ooty- A Place to be in

Well connected by road and railways through Mettupalayam and by flights to Coaimbatore, Ooty has every significant attribute of a tourist place. Those who want something more than what meets the eyes, trekking is very much admired. Physical activity laced with hues of Nature is the reward of such a task. On the other hand, different museums can keep the tourists engaged with elaborate inputs on the place and its past. For the sake of entertainment, Wax Museum where world renowned figures could be glimpsed in their life-size wax statues can be visited. Adventure freaks can try out cycling, mountain biking and hand gliding.

Thus for an idyllic beginning of your days of marriage, honeymoon in Ooty can do wonders. Are you ready for this?


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