Run for the Great Runn of Kutch to celebrate the Rann Mahotsav

Rann Utsav Kutch GujaratOne of the most remarkable place in Gujarat, the Great Runn of Kutch (where there is little Runn of Kutch as well) is the largest salt desert in the whole world by stretching itself across 16,000 square kilometers. This salty desert mesmerizes everyone with an amazement that it remains underwater during the monsoons but for the remaining eight months of the year, it is the vast stretch of the packed white salty desert of Gujarat.

So, the Rann desert actually boasts of white landscape as if a sheet of diamond is spreadĀ over here, especially in the full moon night. But besides these sparkling stretches of white salty diamonds, the Runn of Kutch is also known for the world famous Rann Utsav (Festival) which is being famed for 35-40 days of prodigal celebration. This 35 days of extravaganza is especially meant for the remote regions of Kutch people and people out in the Runn area have brought the carnival for the people around the country and all across the different parts of the world.

You can catch the carnival with magnificent lakes, colorful attires, splendid cultural music,
arts & crafts and handicrafts and above all, its rural traditional delicacies (food); where the Kacchi (organic) foods are served as a special retreat. All in all presented in a more Desi (traditional) form, the extravagant days spent at the Kutch Desert will truly give you a run for the money to grab all these exciting ways.

Runn Festival Kutch Gujarat

Besides the cultural stuffs that you can find to savor yourself while you are in a traditional attire to enjoy the carnival completely, there are also grand spaces for some fluorescent outdoor activities at the Rann Mahotsav. The splendid camel safari can be experienced to swim across the great Kutch Desert where the normal vehicles cannot ply over. Reason being, the Kutch region is wet and damp and your car can got stuck to the land; so the ship of the desert, the camel is the best opted ride for you. Besides the camel safari in Kutch you can also explore great felicity of joyrides like the skidoo racer bikes as the best opted medium for outdoor funs.

The Kutch Desert of Rann was placidly lying underwater the Arabian Sea at about 100,000
years and gradually when the water evaporated of the sea, the land just came out with endless white plains of salt. The desert can simply be seen as the wide elongates of salty basin in the Kutch area which is in best term is the most ecologically sensitive area for tourism.

This year this grand festival is being scheduled for 15th December, 2012 to 31st January, 2013 and the online bookings for becoming its tremendous part have been started.

The Rann Mahautsav at a Glance:

Full moon night in the month of December (15th December, 2012 to 31st January, 2013)

The celebratory festival begins in the Bhuj city and goes around the district with a grand finale again being held at the preliminary destination.

The Visitors
The festival is visited and enjoyed by more than 8000 tourists from all over the world. This is the perfect time when the natives of the region and travelers along with Government administrative officers all together come along to celebrate the mystical magic of Kutch and its diversity.





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