Take a Break from Your Hectic Life: Go Natural

Before thinking of travelling to a faraway place one should always think about the purpose for which one wants to travel. One of the most important aims of going for a brief vacation should be to break off from the routine life; the routine life at home and work. Whatever comforts and luxuries one gets used to, should be left behind if one is looking for a refreshing break from the monotony of a fast paced urban life.

If one is looking for a peaceful and luxurious stay out of home then a hotel in one’s own city is quite a good idea to relax and enjoy the clean and comfortable environment. But if your idea of a vacation is to get a respite from your humdrum and materialistic life then the whole world is your oyster.


First, decide your travel destination. Then try to look for a place where you will be staying. Though, the room will not be of much use as the traveler will be outdoors for most of the day. Also, a new surrounding will always be more appealing to the senses. In a nutshell, the place of one’s stay will be of little significance because of the travelling one does, at the same time it will also be very amusing if it’s out of the usual.

Camping is more close-to-nature. When the purpose is to break off from the routine then let yourself be taken over by nature for a while.

In the twenty-first century, technology rules almost every sphere of human life. Thus, a good idea would be to give rein to nature for a few days as it will assist in invigoration of the mind and the body.

Moreover, being away from the human and technological advancements one can build a stronger bond with nature. The stronger the bond will be; the better will be the life of all the living beings residing on the Earth.

Both humans and animals have suffered due to the industrial and technological development bought in by the humans. Animals have suffered far more because they have always been at the receiving end. The supremacy of man on Earth has been a big reason for the extinction of many species of organisms; and it can also lead to man’s own extinction.

The stressful life of today, which is badly affecting the mind and body of the people, cries for help and support. Nature has proved to be a medicine for the old and the sickly in the past; it can play a vital role in the rejuvenation of the human body and soul.

Thus, instead of going away from nature in pursuit of happiness, one should shun the material things in order to be truly happy and in-tune with nature and one’s own life. Now, asceticism is not being advocated; what is being prescribed is that every opportunity to connect with nature should be grasped and the ties with nature should be replenished. And most importantly, in day-to-day life, every effort should be made to minimize the damage caused to nature and its resources.

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