The Days in Kerala- The Enchantress is Waiting to Get Hold of You

The world is a better place
With all the colors
Make the time last
A little more
I have just now
Started to Explore!

All the colors of the spectrum can be found in one ray of tourism. Don’t you feel the overwhelming pressure to make a rush for everything in one go for the time you are in Kerala. The art forms that are reflected by the dances like Theyyam, Thullal, Kathakali and likes are the best representations of what nature has to say to its people. To spend holidays in Kerala, you want the wheel of time should just stop to where it is.

There are many things for which visiting this south Indian state is surely worth. Some of these can open your window of perception, imagination and anticipation.

Thrill on the Hill

This one is huge for the lovers of adventure sports. In the hill station of Munnar, you can get an experience of Paragliding that doesn’t require any specific training. Just rely on the pilot and enjoy the spectacular views of nature. It won’t hurt you unless anything rash is done.

Munnar is a popular hill station of Kerala that offers great tourism and the adventure sports is also not limited to just Paragliding. Just explore your love of extreme sport and see if it could be found here.

The Basics of Music (and Dance)

As told in the starting few lines, Kerala is home to some of the oldest and classical dance forms that are so old that they are in need of conservation. Before we land into deeper discussion about that why don’t you get a feel of highly decorated and colorful experience of Kathakali (where expression says it all), Theyyam (where a God is invoked by dance ritual) and Thullal (for prosperity in general) and Mohiniyattam (the feminine love at acme)?

If you find something on your own on Kerala tour that identifies itself as one more colour of its dancing art, make sure you add that in the above list and you will definitely find one!

The Joy of the Giant We Know as Elephant

As somebody has so meticulously observed, elephants play a major role in shaping up the culture, tradition and daily life of Kerala. There are Elephant pageants like Thypooya Mahotsavam and Thissur Puram in which they are richly decorated with colours and designs. You can take a ride on them in the National park like Periyar. Spend a whole day with elephant and not on their back and marvel at the amount of food they gulp down or the way they love bathing and scrubbing that a Mahaut do.

Backwaters- The daughters of Seawater

This is to find your personal corner in the place full of strangers. Hire a private houseboat with all the lavishness and personal attendants. Nothing can match this luxury, not even the time you have spent in 5 star hotels.

Backwaters of Kerala are famed for the kind of experience it can give to tourists. They find it unique and relaxing. Check if that is true while your Kerala Holidays are going on full swing!

Beaches of Kerala – Story of Glory

Some of the world’s finest beaches are located here. To start with, here are some names: Marari, Fort Bekal, Kovalam, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Varkala Beach and many others. Each beach has something unique to offer. Explore yourself and know more before you are actually ready to take that overwhelming experience!





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