Destinations You Must See During Udaipur Rajasthan Tour

A Rajasthan tour is incomplete without having one having been for an Udaipur tour. Brimming with a rich culture and heritage from when it was the centre of numerous Rajput

Pichhola Lake Udaipur

kingdoms, the city has numerous palaces, forts and mahals, many of which have now been converted into luxury hotels.

An Udaipur tour should also feature the numerous lakes that were made by the kings and rulers many centuries ago. Due to the large number of lakes in the city Udaipur is also sometimes called ‘the lake city’. For the sheer beauty and charm of this place, a Rajasthan Udaipur tour is an essential!

Main Attractions on Rajasthan Tour

If you are taking a complete Rajasthan tour, chances are you will not have a lot of time on your hand. In this case, make sure you visit the following places, because you should not leave without having seen them.

Without doubt, the City Palace is one of these. It is not just one palace but a series of palaces that were started sometime in the 16th century. The palaces still are in excellent condition and one can walk through their courtyards, terraces, gardens and corridors. The palaces have numerous artifacts of an antique nature on display.

Lake Pichola, on the banks of which the City Palace is located is another great destination. It is a large lake and one must visit it in the monsoons as it tends to run dry in the hot summers. There are numerous ghats that one can go to by boat. And there is a palace right in the middle of the lake!

Lake Palace UdaipurThis is the Lake Palace made out of marble which has now been converted into a hotel. Nevertheless, one can still visit it and see it. When the lake is full, the place truly looks marvelous. In the same lake is also another island fort called Jag Mandir. It is famous for its garden courtyard and it now functions as a restaurant.

For those who would like to pick up a few handicrafts, they must visit Shilpgram which is a dedicated crafts village and also hosts the largest annual crafts fair in India.

The Maharana Pratap memorial is definitely worth seeing for the sake of history. He was a famous Rajput warrior king and his statue atop his steed ‘Chetak’ makes for a magnificent tribute.

There are also beautiful gardens called Saheliyon ki Bari. These gardens have numerous pools, marble ornaments and fountains crafted into shapes of elephants. It is a lovely place to go to for a picnic.

If you manage to hit these places you will have covered almost all the things of importance and had a great time too!

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